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  • Distant Satellites
  • Weather Systems
  • We're Here Because We're Here
  • A Natural Disaster
  • A Fine Day To Exit
  • Judgement
  • Alternative 4
  • Eternity
  • The Silent Enigma
  • Pentecost III
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  • The Crestfallen

Weather Systems (album 2012)

1. Untouchable Part 1 (Danny Cavanagh) - 6:14
2. Untouchable Part 2 (Danny Cavanagh) - 5:33
3. The Gathering Of The Clouds (Danny Cavanagh) - 3:27
4. Lightning Song (Danny Cavanagh) - 5:25
5. Sunlight (Danny Cavanagh) - 4:55
6. The Storm Before The Calm (John Douglas) - 9:24
7. The Beginning And The End (Danny Cavanagh) - 4:53
8. The Lost Child (Danny Cavanagh) - 7:02
9. Internal Landscapes (Danny Cavanagh) - 8:52
Weather Systems - front cover

Skład: Daniel Cavanagh, John Douglas, Vincent Cavanagh, Lee Douglas
Goście: Jamie Cavanagh (bas na "The Storm Before The Calm"), Joe Geraci (deklamacja na "Internal Landscapes"), Christer-André Cederberg (bas), Wetle Holte (perkusja na "Untouchable Pt 1" i "The Gathering Of The Clouds"), Petter Carlsen (backing vocals na "Untouchable Pt 1" i "The Gathering Of The Clouds")

Sesja: Parr Street Studios (Liverpool), Aerial Studios (Wrexham), Christer’s place (Oslo)
Mixy: Christer’s place (Oslo)
Mastering: Chris Sansom, Propeller mastering (Oslo)
Produkcja i mixy: Christer-André Cederberg
Koprodukcja: Vincent Cavanagh, Daniel Cavanagh
Assistant recording engineer: Andrea Wright

All string arrangements by Dave Stewart except The Storm Before the Calm, String arrangement by Vincent Cavanagh & Dave Stewart Performed by the London Session Orchestra. Leader: Perry Montague-Mason. Session fixer: Isobel Griffiths Strings produced by Dave Stewart, recorded by Steve Price at Angel Studios, London

Oprawa graficzna: Vincent Cavanagh & Sarah Derat oraz Scott (Kscope)